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Anonymous asked: I know that you seem to know Darren's PR team a bit, specifically Ricky, and I've always wondered what you think about a lot of fans (mainly crisscolfer shippers) constantly accusing Ricky and the rest of the team of being some kind of evil management. Of course they say that because they believe that Darren is gay and that they're forcing him to stay in the closet, but I've always wondered how they feel about that when they obviously care a lot about Darren and yet his fans hate on them!


I don’t know the PR team, I mean, yes, I’m friendly with Ricky and I’ve spoken to Michael Samonte on several occasions but I don’t know him very well.  Also I never speak to them about fandom stuff, so I can honestly say that the CrissColfer shippers have never come up in conversation with them.

I’m sure that they don’t give it much attention. They are professionals and they are adults, they don’t spend too much time worrying about what’s going on with fans.

And I may be out of line saying this, but I don’t think people who push their own agendas on Darren and his team and believe that he and his team are liars make very good fans, so I’m sure that they don’t give much thought to what’s happening in the fandom.

I think they know how to ignore the negative nonsense. Case in point, before he got on Glee, a friend of mine and I went out with Darren and his friends. She got drunk and insulted him- his music, his talent. I thought I was going to die. He smiled at her and said “Thanks very much for your opinion but I really don’t care what you think. Excuse me.” and walked away. Still smiling. Perfect gentleman. I imagine that he is the same way with negative criticism now too. And I’m sure his team reacts the same way.

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